The 99th UPLB Loyalty Day culminated on October 10, 2017 that started with a Loyalty Day Parade, whereby well-designed floats reflecting the essence of the unit/department/office they represent were showcased. Together with the parade, are street presentations performed in front of the DL Umali building. The CFNR (College of Forestry and Natural Resources) bagged the 1st prize for the street presentation. For the Best Float award, the CAFS (College of Agriculture and Food Sciences) won 1st place; CEAT (College of Engineering and Agri-industrial Technology) placed second. 

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 The 2017 CEAT Alumni Homecoming commenced right after the parade and street presentations were finished. Luncheon was held at the EE Auditorium. As part of the program of the CEAT Alumni Homecoming, the Jubilarians were recognized: for the IE Department, class 2007 and class 2012. Moreover, a new CEAT Alumni Association (CEAT-AA) president was named: Pantaleon Tabanao. Myra Borines, remained as the Vice President; Rosanna Marie Amongo as the Secretary; Marc Immanuel Isip as Treasurer; and Moises Dorado as Auditor. 

The highlight of the program is the presentation of the CEAT Distinguished Young Alumni Award. This award is given to an alumni of UPLB CEAT who has significant contribution (in terms of engineering) to: science and technology, environment, society and industry, education, and management. The five units of CEAT namely: Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering accepted nominations for the award. The nominees were evaluated by the department; and the awardee is endorsed to the CEAT Awards Committee for final approval. This year's awardees are the following:

1. Engr. Daryll A. Prudencio (BS Industrial Engineering graduate)
2. Asst. Prof. Perlie P. Velasco (BS Civil Engineering graduate)
3. Engr. Mark Idol G. Marcelo (BS Electrical Engineering graduate)
4. Engr. Mervin M. Manlili (BS Agricultural Engineering graduate)
5. Engr. Alvin E. Valdeabella (BS Chemical Engineering graduate)

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Congratulations to all five awardees, especially to Daryll A. Prudencio, UPLB CEAT Industrial Engineering Alumni Class 2010.