The courses listed above are well distributed within the five-year curriculum offered by the department to optimize the knowledge and skills learned by the students. Revisions were recently applied to the courses, changing the course code, course description, and attributed unit load to some. 

  • Introduction to Industrial Engineering (IE 3)

    Systems concepts; the industrial organization and its functions; overview of industrial engineering tools   Read More
  • Industrial Processes (IE 21)

    Industrial processes and their effects on production system decisions; metal, plastic, ceramic, elastomer, fiber, wood, and pulp processes Read More
  • Industrial Organization and Management (IE 31)

    Basic features governing the organization, Administration and financing of industries; relations between labor and management. Read More
  • Industrial Quality Control (IE 125)

  • Methods Engineering (IE 132)

    Design and measurement of work, specification of methods and performance times, productivity concepts and techniques, systems and procedures, human factors engineering, and value engineering. Read More
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