BS Industrial Engineering Curriculum


The BSIE curriculum is consisted of courses aimed to hone the critical thinking, analysis, and the overall personality of the student. Furthermore, the curriculum has four major areas of study namely: Operations Research and Management Science, Production Systems, Information Systems, and Ergonomics or Human Factors Engineering. These four major areas of study are aimed to produce quality industrial engineers by making the decision making capacity, management ability, innovation and technical skills of the student be suitable for what is needed when they are already outside the University. The BSIE curriculum moulds the IE that can accommodate the constant changes in the needs and wants of the people while making profit for the company he/she works for without compromising the quality and speed of the products and services produced.

The department has recently released the latest version of the curriculum last 2014 are now having meetings for the next revisions to cater the changes brought upon by the K-12 system. 

View and download UPLB BSIE Curriculum Version 2014 and Older Below.

2014 - checklist                                                       2014 - flowchart

2011 - checklist                                                       2011 - flowchart

2008 - checklist

2014 flowchartBSIE Curriculum 2014 Version (Flowchart)