Complete List of Practicum studies



1. Almonte, Karen Joy M.
Application of Lean Manufacturing to Improve the Operations of Section Trim 3 of the Ford Philippines Assembly Plant in Santa Rosa, Laguna
Adviser: LR Bacudio

2. Bocato, Cherry P
Improved Marketing Operation of Abenson Home Plus, Calamba City, Laguna
Adviser: HT Manaligod

3. Dionila, Trima DC.
Process Improvement on the Stock Control and Dispatching Section of the Petrochemicals Corporatiion of Asia Pacific
Adviser: LR Bacudio

4. Dumbrique, Michelle E.
Productivity Improvement at Panasonic Manufacturing Corporation-Washing Machine Department, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Adviser: DT Franco

5. Escritor, Romer D.
The Application of One-Piece Flow System on the Production of Shotgun Shield Protector at the Sagara Metro Plastics Industrial Corporation
Adviser: DT Franco

6. Lopez, Paolo Antonio E.
A Logistical Analysis of Abenson's Carmona Supply Depot for an Improved Warehouse Layout, Materials Management and System Safety
Adviser: HT Manaligod

7. Molinyawe, Crisanta A.
Establishing Standard Times for the Summer Installation of Puyat Steel Tilespan Roofs
Adviser: LR Bacudio

8. Pamplona, Lidden Joy R.
Quality Improvement in the Injection Moulding Department of Bigmate Philippines, Inc., First Philippine Industrial Park, Sto. Tomas, Batangas
Adviser: DT Franco

9. Bajenting, Noribeth DP.
Finished Subassembly (FS) Goods’ Inventory Reduction Through Distribution Resources Planning (DRP) Solutions Designed for Avon Products Manufacturing Incorporated (APMI)
Adviser: LP Leander

10. Bajo, Ruth J.
Production Process Improvements and Establishment of Standard Times in the Manufacture of Exhaust System Models 272W 1TR and 2KD at Polyfoam – Roberts Group of Companies International Corporation – Muffler Division
Adviser: HT Manaligod

11. Canlas, Katrina D.
Improvement of the Pairing Operation at Golden Dragon Apparels Inc. (GDAI), Concepcion, Tarlac
Adviser: HT Manaligod

12. Catahan, Maricris A.
Process Improvement at the Cutting Section of Garbage-Japan Department in Rolex Plastic Manufacturing Corporation
Adviser: AC Halos

13. Franco, Jamila T.
A Logistical Analysis of ESSI Central Warehouse for an Improved System of Shipment of Goods and Documents to VISMIN Outlets
Adviser: TDC Dionila

14. Gallego, Arvin R.
Work Improvement on the Logistics Operations of Auto Logistics Center at Asian Terminals, Inc., Calamba Branch
Adviser: LP Leander

15. Magallanes, Maria Eden C.
Productivity Improvement of the Trim/Chassis/Final Assembly Line of Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation Assembly Plant in Cainta, Rizal
Adviser: LP Leander

16. Marquez, Rhea Joy A.
Improving the Productivity of the PCB Sub-Assembly Section of Panasonic Mobile Communications Corporation of the Philippines at Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Adviser: LR Bacudio

17. Mercado, Kristianne A.
Production Improvement of Car Assembly at the Body Shop Section of Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. in Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Adviser: HT Manaligod

18. Monis, Gleezy M.
Project Management (PERT and CPM) in the Project Processing System of the Department of Factory and Development Engineering, Power-Business Fulfillment Group, Philips Semiconductors Philippines, Inc., LISP I, Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: AC Halos

19. Morfe, Raymond Oliver A.
Improving the Assembly of the Ford Focus in Trim 08 Right Hand and Trim 16 Left Hand at Ford Motor Company Philippines, Inc. Through Time Study
Adviser: HT Manaligod

20. Olbes, Jeffrey M.
Space Optimization of the Empty Can Storage Facility at Nestle Philippines Incorporated, Cabuyao Factory
Adviser: TDC Dionila

21. Palatan, Jennie Lynn D.
Efficiency Improvement of the Roll-On Deodorant (ROD) Packaging Line of the Colognes, Liquids, and Lotions (CLL) Section at AVON Products Manufacturing Incorporated (APMI)
Adviser: LP Leander

22. Pesigan, Clarissa M.
Improving the Production Line of Main Wiring Harness Assembly of the Nissan Maxima at Pilipinas Kyohritsu Inc. In Lipa City, Batangas
Adviser: HT Manaligod

23. Rayala, Frank M.
Economic Evaluation of the Proposed Expansion of Mayang International Development Corporation
Adviser: AC Halos

24. Reyes, Ma. Isabel D.
Analysis and Improvement of the Outgoing Quality Assurance Inspection at EPSON Precision Philippines Incorporated, Lipa City, Batangas
Adviser: AC Halos

25. Rosita, Vincent C.
Manpower Reduction and Improvement of the Just-in-Time System of EPSON Precision (Philippines) Inc., Lipa Plant
Adviser: AC Halos

26. Singson, Rupert John N.
Upgrading Corporate Helpdesk Information System of Petron Corporation
Adviser: LR Bacudio

27. Villapando, Reina Flor V.
Productivity Improvement of the Front Line of Xilinx Test Department at AMKOR Technology Philippines in Laguna Technopark, Biñan, Laguna
Adviser: TDC Dionila

28. Amparo, Jenina Llandra T.
Lean Production for Banana Packinghouse Operation, Lapanday Foods Corporation, Davao City
Adviser: HT Manaligod

29. Amparo, Marites J.
Improving the Productivity of the In-Circuit Testing System of HDD 3.5 End-of-Line Unit of Product Application Division at Pricon Microelectronics Incorporated Through Standby Redundancy
Adviser: LR Bacudio

30. Banaticla, Jericho V.
Increasing the Production Yield Through Minimization of Sachet Line Rejects of Wyeth Philippines, Inc. Canlubang, Nutritional Plant
Adviser: AC Halos

31. Bantigue, Mary Jyn Razel T.
Evaluation and Process Improvement of Production Planning and Inventory Control Operation, Toyo Ink Compounds Corporation, Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna
Adviser: HT Manaligod

32. Basit, Cielo Angela B.
Improving the Production Planning for the Margarine Section of the Shortening-Margarine Department of JNJ Oil Industries, Inc. in Lucena City, Quezon
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

33. Cargo, Deogenes Alexandro D.
Productivity Improvement of Philips’ Surface Mount Technology Lines at Integrated Microelectronics, Inc. in Laguna Technopark, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Adviser: AC Halos

34.  Castillo, Gene Paul P.
Establishment of Manpower Levels at the Cabin Crew Scheduling Division of Philippine Airlines, PAL Inflight Center, Pasay City
Adviser: TDC Dionila

35. De Silva, Diana Marie R.
Establishing Manpower Requirements of the Bunline Production of Interbake Commissary Corporation, Pioneer Business Park, Pasig City
Adviser: AC Halos

36. Diaz, Rachelle Anne R.
Equipment Replacement Analysis of the Two Hassia Machines in the Filling-Packing Division of AB Food & Beverages Philippines Inc in Ugong, Pasig City
Adviser: TDC Dionila

37. Escolano, Gileen R.
Minimization of the Number of Claims of Axial 2 Section at the Shindengen Philippines, Canlubang, Laguna
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

38. Gloria, Katleen Elaine A.
Minimizing Non-Value Adding Production Activities in the Noodles Plant 2- Line 12 Operations at Monde Nissin Corporation, Santa Rosa City, Laguna
Adviser: LR Bacudio

39. Go, Mary Madelyn C.
Analysis of the Manpower Requirements of the Refilling Lines at the Liquid Refilling Section of Bayer CropScience Inc., Canubang, Calamba City, Laguna
Adviser: LR Bacudio

40. Isip, Marc Immanuel G.
Elimination of Short Packing Problem and Improvement of the Sealing Integrity of Cases at Universal Robina Corporation – Meat and Canning Division Plant
Adviser: MID Reyes

41. Javier, Maria Ana G.
Minimizing Rework in the Production Line of Baseball Gloves at Ponderosa Leather Goods Manufacturing Company Inc. at Sumulong Hiway, Antipolo City, Rizal
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

42. Macatangay, Leo Z.
Manpower Scheduling Guide for the Batching Stage and Work Load Improvement for the Packaging Stage of Powder Milk Production at NPI Cabuyao
Adviser: RG Maneja

43. Madlangbayan, Ruther B.
Improving the Efficiency of ADB Services and Industrial Sales’ Process of Planning Deliveries of San Miguel Beer Products
Adviser: TDC Dionila

44. Malaque, Charisse M.
Process Improvement at the Packing Section of Nippon Paint Philippines, Inc., LISP1, Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: HT Manaligod

45. Mariano, Lizbeth A.
Productivity Improvement at the Surface Treatment Division of Nidec Copal Philippines Corporation, Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: AC Halos

46. Mendoza, John Rey M.
Scrap Reduction of Green Sheets Manufactured at the Wet End Division of James Hardie Philippines, Inc.
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

47. Mercado, Cher Elise G.
Improvement of the Warehouse Space Allocation at AB Food and Beverages Philippines, Incorporated, Brgy. Ugong, Pasig City
Adviser: CA Macabali

48. Noveno, Kirsten Ann F.
Reduction of Wet Side Material Losses During the Cleaning Activities of the Follow-on Milk Line, Infant Formula Department at Nestle Cabuyao Factory, Bgy. Niugan, Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: LR Bacudio

49. Pacheco, Arlene M.
Process Improvement of the Packaging Operation in the Aircon Department of W.L. Food Products in Punturin, Valenzuela
Adviser: MID Reyes

50. Pauig, Jesper B.
Analysis and Productivity Improvement of the Standard License Plate Glass Department at Glassworks Industries, Incorporated in Laguna Technopark, Biñan, Laguna
Adviser: HT Manaligod

51. Quiñones, Michael L.
Analysis of the Foklift Utilization of the Logistics Department at Nestle Philippines, Inc., Cabuyao Factory in Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: LR Bacudio

52. Sanchez, Walter Josef A.
Productivity Improvement of the Break-up Machines of the Finishing Department at James Hardie Philippines, Inc. in Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

53. Alindogan, Ma. Jesusa R.
Productivity Improvement at Business Unit 2 – Face Powder Department Assembly Line, SC&C Innovasia Co., Inc
Adviser: MID Reyes

54. Añonuevo, Behn Joseph O.
Manpower Requirements Analysis and Productivity Improvement of Pick and Pack Operation for Store Issuance of Wet Finished Goods and Traded Items at Zenith Foods Corporation’s Distribution Center in Carmelray Industrial Park I
Adviser: LP Leander

55. Arzadon, Katrina E.
alc Waste Minimization in the Production of Baby Powder in SCC Innovasia, Inc.
Adviser: LP Leander

56. Bautista, Jan Latimer A.
Minimizing Idle Times at the Powder Condiments Line of Consolidated Packaging Enterprises, San Francisco del Monte, Quezon City
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

57. Bulatao, Melody G.
Productivity and Process Improvement on the Repackaging of Lannate 40 SP (425 Grams) at Dupont Far East, Inc. – Philippines in Carmelray Industrial Park I, Canlubang, Laguna
Adviser: HT Manaligod

58. Castillo, Rosa Maria A.
Productivity Improvement at the Bindery Division of Rex Printing Company, Inc., Quezon City
Adviser: HT Manaligod

59. Cayube, Romark O.
Yield Improvement by Defect Reduction of the Ignition Module Production at the IIDA Section of Integrated Microelectronics Inc. Standard Semi-Custom Group (IMI SSCG), Biñan, Laguna
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

60. Conde, Deborah Lyn G.
Scrap Reduction of Carrier Tapes Manufactured at the Press Operations Division of XYZ Company
Adviser: LP Leander

61. Criador, Jhaclyn Crizette Y.
Improvement on the Loan Administration Process Applied by the Human Resources Department of Nestle Philippines, Inc. in Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: HT Manaligod

62. Dela Cruz, Mary Chris Evert T.
Application of Appropriate Forecasting Technique and Production Plan Improvement for Reduction of Stock-Outs for the Top 5 Products of Ecolab Philippines, Inc. in Biñan, Laguna
Adviser: TDC Dionila

63. Elauria, Arvin Joseph M.
Application of Value Engineering for the Reduction of Waste and Production Costs at First Electro Dynamics Corporation (FEDCOR), Sto. Tomas, Batangas
Adviser: HT Manaligod

64. Gonzales, Emmanuel V.
Minimization of Rejects on Hose and Pipe Assemblies by Improving the Torch Brazing Process of Automotive Air-Conditioning Technology Philippines, Inc., Canlubang, Laguna
Adviser: HT Manaligod

65. Guerreo, Joe Corbin V.
Material Cost Reduction Via Value Analysis of the Upper and Lower Tank Assembly of Radiators at Sub-Assembly Section, Metal Fabrication Department of Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

66. Jarilla, Raquel Ana Mary B.
Establishment of Line Capacity and Increasing the Efficiency of RM2 Assembly Line of Asian Transmission Corp. Carmelray Industrial Park
Adviser: HT Manaligod

67. Jose, Silvia Leah B.
Determination of Manpower Requirement in the Trim, Chassis & Final Assembly Lines of Ford Motor Company, Philippines in Greenfield Automotive Park, Santa Rosa City, Laguna
Adviser: TDC Dionila

68. Kim, Dong Hyun
Production Efficiency Improvement of Chicken Patty in Frozen Patty Line Through Time and Motion Study at Zenith Foods Corporation at Carmelray Industrial Park I, Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

69. Linggon, Rouxanne D.
Improvement of the Delivery Performance of the Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Devices at Rosterflex Line Under Modules Division of Fastech Synergy Phils
Adviser: LP Leander

70. Mina, Julie Anne C.
Productivity Improvement Through the Reduction of Garment Rework at the Sewing Line Area of Providence Apparel International Manufacturing Corporation
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

71. Pareja, Khristine Anne B.
Improvement of the Inventory Management System of Paint Crib Materials at Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation, Cainta, Rizal
Adviser: AC Halos

72. Ramos, Reishe Joy R.
Productivity Improvement by Line Balancing and Time Study of the Pre-assembly Section of the Blu-Ray Line at Integrated Microelectronics, Incorporated Laguna Techno Park, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Adviser: TDC Dionila

73. Roxas, Travis Noel A.
Scrap Reduction on Polycarbonate Parts of Nasal Masks Manufactured at the Injection Molding Section of RCM Manufacturing, Inc
Adviser: MID Reyes

74. Sancho, Jonard Bryan S.
Increasing Production Output through Line Balancing of the Main Drive Line at Asian Transmission Corporation in Canlubang, Laguna
Adviser: TDC Dionila

75. Sarmiento, Kristian Jef B.
Sampling Plan Analysis of Quality Assurance Inspection of Huggies Diapers at Kimberly Clark Philippines Inc., San Pedro, Laguna
Adviser: LP Leander

76. Serrano, Ann Lovely R.
Application of Methods Engineering in the Productivity Improvement of Trucktype and Motorcycle Batteries Assembly Lines in Philippine Batteries Incorporated
Adviser: HT Manaligod

77. Tuazon, Hansel R.
Improving Productivity by Cart Sampling Analysis and by Time and Motion Study at the Cargo Acceptance Section of the Cargo Department of Cebu Pacific Air in Domestic Road, Pasay City
Adviser: TDC Dionila

78. Umali, Felix Jr. A.
Rejected Bulk and Waste Bulk Reduction at the 2-MT and 5-MT Mixers of the Personal Care Plant of Unilever Philippines, #1351 U.N. Ave., Paco, Manila
Adviser: HT Manaligod

79. Yap, Mikel Angelo B.
Establishment of Time Standard for Manpower Requirements of the Opening and Shredding Sections of Franklin Baker Company, Philippines, San Pablo Plant
Adviser: TDC Dionila

80. Abasolo, Regis Ediljoseph J.
Productivity Improvement Through Scrap and Delay Reduction of Greensheet Manufacturing at the Wet End Department of James Hardie Philippines, Inc., Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: MIG Isip

81. Alcantara, Deanna Mae D.
Minimizing Unproductive Times at the Trim and Form Area on Semiconductor Philippines, Incorporated, Carmona, Cavite
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

82. Baldoz, Mark Anthony M.
Multiple Job Scheduling of the Nine New Products of KZ Step 1 Model at the Metal Fabrication Division of Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation, Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: RO Cayube

83. Bartolata, Keiv Edmar L.
Increasing the Effective Capacity of the Wirebond Station of TO-247 Package of PSI Technologies-Taguig by Increasing the Utilization Factor of the Operation and the Number of Wirebond Machines
Adviser: MIG Isip

84. Basilio, Christine Mae B.
Productivity Improvement of C2 Line 2 of Beverage Division, Universal Robina Corporation, Mcarthur Hiway, San Fernando City, Pampanga
Adviser: HT Manaligod

85. Berganio, Edwin Emilmar Jr.
Process Improvement of Loading/Dispatching Operation for Finished Products at Union Galvasteel Corp., Calamba, Laguna
Adviser: HT Manaligod

86. Bicomong, Maria Criselda D.
Process Improvement Through Reduction of Downtime Caused by Roller Replacement at the Color Coating Line of Union Galvasteel Corporation, Calamba City, Laguna
Adviser: TDC Dionila

87. Bondoc, Edwin Jr. D.
Improvement of the Permit to Work (PTW) System of the Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) Tabangao Refinery at
Tabangao, Batangas City, Batangas
Adviser: KD Canlas

88. Correa, Danica Joy O.
Scrap Reduction of Converter Units in the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Line at REMEC Broadband Wireless International, Inc. in Carmelray Industrial Park I
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

89. Custodio, Rachelle Anne J.
Productivity Improvement on the Lotion Packaging Section of Avon Products Manufacturing, Inc. at CPIP, Brgy. Batino, Calamba, Laguna
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

90. Dalawampu, Rizza Diana D.
Productivity Improvement by Increasing the Capacity Utilization of Pelletizing Machine at LIMCOMA Multi-purpose
Cooperative, Sabang, Lipa City, Batangas
Adviser: RO Cayube

91. Delos Reyes, Dennis E.
Increasing Productivity by Speeding C31 Gasket Fusing Process of Perkeno Plastics, Inc., Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: MID Reyes

92. Dizon, Mark Anthony O.
Facility Planning for New Dry Goods Warehouses of Jollibee and Greenwich for Zenith Foods Corporation, CPIP, Canlubang, Calamba City
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

93. Ebajo, Andro S.
Productivity Improvement by Reduction of Leak Repair Operations in Radiator Assembly Line at Radiator Department of Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation at Bo. Diezmo, Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: MAB Yap

94. Endaya, Reynald Emmanuel L.
Materials Flow Process Improvement at the Raw Material Department of Maxim Philippine Operating Corporation, First Philippine Industrial Park, Tanauan, Batangas
Adviser: HT Manaligod

95. Fabian, Andri Xenos L.
Establishment of Standard Time for the Scheduling of the Top Partition Items of Kanepackage, Phils., Inc.: Die Cut Area
Adviser: RO Cayube

96. Gorospe, Alessandra Abigail S.
Efficiency Improvement on Service Delivery of Tugboats M/TUG Mark Anthony 8 and M/TUG Atlantic Ocean at Ocean Tankers Corporation, Namayan, Mandaluyong City
Adviser: MIG Isip

97. Herrera, Joel Q.
Model Development for the Completion Time of Seeding, Thinning and Pre-Milling Operations of Sweet Sorghum for Bioethanol Production Application
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

98. Lalas, Ma. Elena A.
Evaluation and Improvement of Ordering System for Crimping Dies at the Industrial Engineering Stockroom of Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing, Inc
Adviser: LA Mariano

99. Lee, Kathleen B.
Efficiency Improvement of the Bottleneck Operation to Increase the Capacity of TO-220 ON-GDL at PSI Technologies, Inc.
Adviser: AJM Elauria

100. Macatula, Marian C.
Productivity Improvement of the Packaging Line of Simply Pretty Pressed Powder at Avon Products Manufacturing Incorporated
in Calamba, Laguna
Adviser: LP Leander

101. Matanguihan, Ramon A.
Process Improvement and Workstation Redesign for Efficient Plastic Parts Production at Area2 of K&K Molding, Inc., Lima Technopark, Lipa City, Batangas
Adviser: HT Manaligod

102. Ortacio, Lovely A.
Establishment of Standard Time and Eliminating Penalties Due to Partial Deliveries on Manual Repackaging of White King Seasoning Mix in Bal Asia, Inc., Calauan, Laguna
Adviser: MAB Yap

103. Quevada, Lou Armielene A.
Establishing Workforce Requirement in the Cutting Section of Goldilocks Bakeshop, Inc. Food Processing Plant (GBSI-FPP), Mandaluyong City
Adviser: MAB Yap

104. Revilla, Josefa Angelie D.
Improving the Yield by Defect Reduction of the Newly Introduced Panasonic Product Group (China Art) at Miyoshi Technologies Philippines, Incorporated (MTP), Calamba City, Laguna
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

105. Robles, Crineza R.
Efficiency Improvement at the Press Section of Sohbi Kohgei Philippines, Inc. at Lima Technology Center, Lipa City,
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

106. Salisi, Ma. Donna Angela D.
Productivity Improvement of the Cheese and Cultured Products Area of Hacienda Macalauan, Inc., Calauan, Laguna
Adviser: RO Cayube

107. Santos, Lia Joy D.
Validating Standard Time Used for the Job Quotation of JIDECO Power Windows Assembly at the Integrated Microelectronics Incorporated Standard Semi-Custom Group (IMI-SSCG), Biñan, Laguna
Adviser: RO Cayube

108. Sumague, Ray Anthony M.
Production Process Improvement of Flat Latex and Metal Primer Production at Add Research Paints and Chemicals Incorporated
in Muzon, Taytay, Rizal
Adviser: MAB Yap

109. Suzuki, Glaiza V.
Labor Productivity Improvement Through the Reduction of Operation Time at the 21R071H Device Production Line of Perkinelmer Optoelectronics Philippines, Inc., Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: AJM Elauria

110. Villanos, Christian Victor E.
Minimization of Unprotective Time by Modifying the Slanted Type Conveyor in Yazaki-Torres Parts Manufacturing, Inc.
Adviser: MIG Isip

111. Zara, Glenn Joseph C.
Finished Goods Inventory Reduction at James Hardie Philippines, Inc. in Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

112. Araneta, Melzar C.
Lateness Reduction in the S.P.I.-Chartered Tanker Voyages at Ocean Tankers Corporation, Claro Castañeda Street, Barangay
Namayan, Mandaluyong City
Adviser: KB Lee

113. Bangngay, Ma. Christina Caridad C.
Improving Labor-Hour Efficiency in the Frontend and Backend Boxbuild Areas of the Ceragon Product Lines in Ionics EMS,
Inc., Plant 5, Light Industry Science Park I, Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: MAB Yap

114. Bernardino, Jasmilyn B.
Purchase Lead Time Reduction: A Supplier Management Innovation of Avon Products Manufacturing, Inc. at CPIP, Brgy. Batino,
Calamba, Laguna
Adviser: MIG Isip

115. Bondad, Jonna Jane P.
Increasing Production Output Through line Balancing in the Final Assembly Line of Window Room-Type Air Conditioners at
Concepcion Carrier Air Conditioning Company
Adviser: MAB Yap

116. Capistrano, Melchizedek Lito K.
Reduction of Raw Material Scrap in Press Stamping Section at Sanwa Electric Philippines, Inc., Palapala, Dasmariñas, Cavite
Adviser: DMR De Silva

117. Capuyan, Daniel Teodorico C.
Determining the Optimum Number of G Mondini Line for the Production of Plastic Cup at Del Monte Philippines, Inc. in Bugo,
Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental
Adviser: MAB Yap

118. Castro, Ma. Buena Fei I.
Reduction of Overtime for the Black & Decker Section at Ceva Logistics Philippines Parañaque Warehouse 2, Pascor Drive,
Parañaque City
Adviser: RO Cayube

119. Collado, Marco T.
Waste Reduction Through the Prevention of Bubbling Defects at the Duraplus Tire Line of Goodyear Philippines, Inc., Las
Piñas City
Adviser: MIG Isip

120. Cunanan, Karl Ian D.
Reduction of Testing Time for FR-190G Satellite Phone Units at the Global Access Group of Smart Communications, Inc. in
Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Adviser: MIG Isip

121. De Leon, Joanne M.
Labor Productivity Improvement on the Pick and Check Operations for the Preparation and Distribution of Finished Goods in
Sprint International, Incorporated (SPEEDO Phil.), Cupang, Muntinlupa City
Adviser: MAB Yap

122. Dela Cruz, Diana Crizelda L.
Improving Service Performance by Reduction of Waiting Time for Customer Reception Through Implementation of Single-Channel
Queuing System at Citimotors, Inc. in Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City
Adviser: AJM Elauria

123. Diaz, Rochelle V.
Establishing Workload Standards and Plant Capacity of Semiconductor Factory 3 (SMC3) Operations, NXP Semiconductors
Philippines, Incorporated, Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: MIG Isip

124. Enguerra, Kristine Camille
Reduction of Voyage Data Processing Time of the Supply and Distribution Department of Petron Corporation, Makati
Adviser: AJM Elauria

125. Escarez, Charity Grace G.
Improvement of Space Allocation by Reducing the Stock Outside Situation in the New Warehouse of Toyo Ink Compounds
Corporation, Carmelray Industrial Park I, Canlubang, Calamba City
Adviser: MIG Isip

126. Fontanillas, Ronald P.
Minimizing Defective Units at the Moulded Insulation Production Line of Induplex Incorporated, South Coast Industrial
Estate, Carmona, Cavite
Adviser: RO Cayube

127. Gaoiran, Carmelli M.
Service Level Improvement of the Personnel Licensing Process, at the Philippine National Police, Security Agencies and
Guards Supervision Division, in Camp Crame, Quezon City
Adviser: KB Lee

128. Kahulugan, Auda Bea P.
Labor Productivity Improvement in the Filling Area of UHT 2 Plant of Alaska Milk Corporation, San Pedro, Laguna
Adviser: RO Cayube

129. Libas, Nestor Paulo Y.
Reduction of Cost Due to Plan Increases for Mass Production Models at Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines, Santa
Rosa, Laguna
Adviser: AJM Elauria

130. Llarena, Maria Vanessa G.
Decreasing the Average Percent Error of the Theoretical and Validated Target with Actual Output at Inventory Exchange
Center Inc. in Taguig City
Adviser: KB Lee

131. Manuzon, Marchelle D.
Reduction of Rejects on the Production of CDI Honda Tail Light at Hella Philippines Incorporated, Dasmariñas, Cavite
Adviser: KB Lee

132. Maralit, Marvin Jericho M.
Reduction of Benchmarking Processes through Increasing the Level of Automation of Generating Reliability KPI Reports at
Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC), Tabangao, Batangas
Adviser: AJM Elauria

133. Maranan, Mary Elaine M.
Increasing Output through Reduction of Machine Unproductive Time at the Black Slide Machining Production Line of T&S Laser
Solution, Inc. (TLS), Sto. Tomas, Batangas
Adviser: RO Cayube

134. Miciano, Jaquelyn Margaret L.
Increasing the Capacity of the Nestea Lemon Iced Tea Filling Section of DDC Food Development Contracting Services, Inc. at
San Fernando, Pampanga
Adviser: RO Cayube

135. Miranda, John Carlo E.
Line Efficiency Improvement of the Clutch Gear Line through Reduction of Reworking Delays at Asian Transmission
Corporation, Carmelray Industrial Park, Canlubang, Laguna
Adviser: DMR De Silva

136. Noman, Maria Agatha Kristine V.
Process Improvement on the Eutectics Operations and Warehousing at Unilever RFM Ice Cream Inc. Manggahan Light Industrial
Park, Manggahan, Pasig City
Adviser: RO Cayube

137. Paycana, Joseph Delfin B.
Minimizing Waste Water at the Bottling Plant of Greenmill Water Corporation, Bay, Laguna
Adviser: DMR De Silva

138. Prudencio, Daryll A.
Processing Time Reduction of the Disposable Primary Filters Through Process Improvement at Goodhouse Industries
Incorporated in Taguig City
Adviser: MAB Yap

139. Rosales, Mary Grace A.
Increasing the Animal Feed Production of Luntian Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Lalig, Tiaong, Quezon
Adviser: DMR De Silva

139. Sebastian, Leah-Rose Gayle B.
Decreasing the Delta of Memory Business Unit Device of the Wafer Probing Area of ACP, Temic Semiconductor Test, Inc.,
Located at Carmelray Industrial Park I, Canlubang, Laguna
Adviser: HT Manaligod

140. Tan, Arianne Grace F.
Reduction of Backlogs by Increasing the Throughput of the Bottleneck Operations of the Ibutton Production at Maxim
Philippine Operating Corporation, Sto. Tomas, Batangas
Adviser: AJM Elauria

141. Tapire, Angeline M.
Improvement of Actual Output of Painted Adventure Shells by Manpower Allocation Analysis at the Dry Sanding Line of the
Paint Shop Division of Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Corporation, Cainta, Rizal
Adviser: MAB Yap

142. Tecson, Esther Grace P.
Yield Improvement in the Drying Process of the Post-Harvest Operation of Maharlika Farms Multi-Purpose Cooperative at
M’lang Cotabato
Adviser: RO Cayube

143. Teves, Jan Khristian A.
Increasing Loading and Unloading Capacity Through Manpower and Equipment Requirement Analysis of Put Away and Replenishment
Operations in Warehouse A of ADSIA Logistics Inc. Atkalawaan, Pasig City
Adviser: AJM Elauria

144. Ungria, Kristine Ara A.
Increasing the Plant Efficiency Through the Application of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (Triz) at Vision 2000
Feed Mills Corporation, Rosario, Batangas
Adviser: RO Cayube

145. Adique, Eryka Gaye V.
Minimization of Rejects in the Sweet Tropical Fruit Preserve Line in Plant 1 of Global Food Solutions, Inc. in San Pablo,
City, Laguna
Adviser: DMR De Silva

146. Agbuis, Joana Marie B.
Inventory Systems Redesign for D.M.C. SM Megamall Store of Focus Global, Incorporated, Mandaluyong City
Adviser: MAB Yap

147. Alfabete, Alexander H.
Reduction of Delays in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Projects of GNQ
Adviser: MIG Isip

148. Bautista, Francis Ivan E.
Reduction of Evap Lines Rejects in the Liquid Milk Plant of Alaska Milk Corporation in San Pedro, Laguna
Adviser: AA Delos Reyes

149. Bermudez, Ken Lester R.
Minimizing the Number of Issues Analyzed in the 8D Root Cause Analysis of IBM Business Services Inc. at Libis, Quezon City
Adviser: MAB Yap

150. Bona, Isauro III N.
Minimizing Delay in the Production Flow by Scheduling, Elimination of Non-Value Adding Activities and Improving the
Capacity of Tigergraphics, Inc., San Juan, Quezon City
Adviser: KB Lee

151. Cruz, Maryrose Jairene C.
Cycle Time Reduction of the Dual Fiber Collimator Assembly and Reflection Loss Testing at NSG Micro Optics Philippines, 
Incorporated, Laguna Technopark, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Adviser: MIG Isip

152. Florendo, Jena Kristia A.
Reduction of Backlog of MAXEV Devices by Increasing Productivity of Kitters at the Raw Materials Department of Maxim 
Philippine Operating Corporation, First Philippine Industrial Park, Tanauan, Batangas
Adviser: RO Cayube

153. Furagganan, Cherith H.
Improvement of Manpower and Machine Productivity Through the Reduction of Occurrence of Reworkable Defects in the Soft
Down Stay Line of the Assembly Department of Trendy Plastic Manufacturing, Incorporated in Lantic, Carmona, Cavite,
Adviser: AA Delos Reyes

154. Go, Hana Grace Catherine B.
Improvements of Del Monte’s Stand Up Pouch (SUP) Products’ Receiving Operation by Optimizing Winged Van’s Utilization and 
Pallet System Configuration at Warehouse D of ADSIA Logistics, Inc. in San Joaquin, Pasig
Adviser: KB Lee

155. Gula, Lean Carlo C.
Removal of Manual Inspection Through Yield Improvement in Head Turn Process of Centerfire Case Line at Arms Corporation of
the Philippines, Marikina City
Adviser: MIG Isip

156. Lee, Dexter Christian A.
Reduction of the Occurrence of Defective Products in the Injection Molding Department of Trendy Plastic Manufacturing
Incorporated, Carmona, Cavite
Adviser: MIG Isip

157. Legaspi, Jelica N.
Reduction of Rejects in the Injection Moulding Department of Atlanta Industries, Incorporated, Manggahan, Pasig City
Adviser: MAB Yap

158. Manantan, Ryan James S.
Efficiency Improvement of the Skinless Longganisa Production Line at Fasto Foods Inc. at Mayamot, Antipolo City
Adviser: RO Cayube

159. Mendoza, Myrian Angeli A. 
Reduction of Rejects at the Hot-Fill Line of Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines, Incorporated Sta. Rosa Plant II, Laguna
Adviser: RO Cayube

160. Mendoza, Victor Martin M.
Reduction in Weld Defects of Waterwall Panels Manufactured in Babcock-Hitachi Philippines, Inc. (BHPI) in Bauan, Batangas
Adviser: MAM Baldoz

161. Pablo, Ma. Angelica P.
Reduction of Defects Through Total Quality Management at the Production Area III of Minami Machineries and Electronics
Technologies, Incorporated, Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: MIG Isip

162. Perilla, Catherine L.
Manpower Requirement Analysis at IQC Piece Parts Department at Maxim Philippines Operating Corporation, Batangas at Sto.
Tomas, Batangas
Adviser: MAB Yap

163. Ribano, Zarina C.
Determining the Feasibility of Utilizing Car Carriers in the Whole Logistics Operation of Toyota Motor Philippines
Adviser: MIG Isip

164. Sumaya, Michael G.
Reduction of Report Generation Processing Time of the Weekly Production Planning Process at Cronics, Inc., CPIP, Calamba
Adviser: MAB Yap

165. Talaue, Maylyn M.
Reduction of Scrap Through Total Quality Management on Del Monte 202 Label Production Line of United Graphics Expression
Corporation (UGEC) Dasmariñas, Cavite
Adviser: AJM Elauria

166. Tomimoto, Rie M.
Minimization of Pick-Up Spare Parts Inventory Cost Through the Application of Appropriate Forecasting Technique and the
Reordering System at International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Los Baños, Laguna
Adviser: MAB Yap

167. Alava, Diana Carla A.
Increasing Storage Capacity Through Layout and Operations Analysis in the SC Johnson Warehouse in Biñan, Laguna
Adviser: CM Pesigan

168. Andrey, Jasper Jay F.
Improving Inventory Management of AOCC Fiber Raw Materials at the Raw Materials Management Section of United Pulp and Paper 
Company Inc. in Calumpit, Bulacan Through Material Resource Planning and Effective Monitoring System
Adviser: MAB Yap

169. Atay, Godfrey Dickson M.
Process Improvement Through Waste Reduction in Processing Pre-Allocated Items of Golden ABC, Inc. at its Distribution
Center at EDSA Balintawak, Quezon City
Adviser: RO Cayube

170. Bugay, Elaine SJ.
Reduction of Spillage for Bagging and Palletizing Unit at NPC Alliance Corporation in Mariveles, Bataan
Adviser: KB Lee

171. Cagayat, Nicolo Justin P.
Reducing Production Cost by Maximizing Employee Labor Performance at JAC Jr. Woodcarvings in Paete, Laguna
Adviser: MIG Isip

172. Caroche, Ma. Liezel P.
Reduction of Variation Between the Actual and Target Direct Labor Cost of MOBILEYE C2-170 Production in Integrated
Microelectronics, Inc. in Biñan, Laguna
Adviser: MIG Isip

173. Gregorio, Ana Dominique C.
Production Planning Improvement and Reduction of Delivery Delays of Tubotech Plumbing Products Philippines Corporation in
Biñan, Laguna
Adviser: LA Mariano

174. Gupit, Wilaiza Diana B.
Raw Material Inventory Reduction at the Inertial Sensor Cluster of Continental Temic Electronics Phils., Inc. LISPII,
Calamba, Laguna
Adviser: MIG Isip

175. Ilagan, Jessica Loren T.
Reduction of Overstock Items Through Implementation of Fixed Time Fixed Order Quantity Reordering Policy and Application of
3-Month Weighted Moving Average at the Central Store Warehouse of JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

176. Japay, Zilin William D.
Increasing Output Through the Reduction of Unproductive Times in the Press Lines of the Forge Department at Aichi Forging
Company of Asia, Inc. (AFC), Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Adviser: MIG Isip

177. Laguartilla, Gilian P.
Minimizing Rejects in the Vegetables and Root Crops Line in Plant 2 of Global Food Solutions Inc. at San Pablo City, Laguna
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

178. Maghirang, Karina L.
Reduction of Health and Safety Incident Occurrences at Lafarge Cement Services Philippines, Inc. In Salcedo Village, Makati
Adviser: MAB Yap

179. Marasigan, Jobelle L.
Efficiency Improvement by Reduction of Operational Stoppages in Milo Pilot Line B at Nestle Philippines Inc., Lipa Factory
in Lipa City, Batangas
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

180. Montalbo, Aerold Pete M.
Improving Fast-Acting Fuses’ Production Line Adherence to Target Output Through Application of Lean Principles at Square
Nano Department of Littlefuse Phils., Inc.
Adviser: MAM Baldoz

181. Nicolas, Marianne M.
Reducing Production Delays in the Fabrication Process of Food Machinery Industrial Corporation at Meycauayan, Bulacan
Adviser: KB Lee

182. Papag, Lydda Joy M.
Increasing the Production Output of Maxim Philippines Operating Corporation, Sto. Tomas, Batangas by Optimizing the
Inspection Methodology of the Final Visual Inspection Department Using the Principles of Operations Analysis and Methods
Adviser: MIG Isip

183. Ramirez, Micah A.
Efficiency Improvement in Batching Two of Liquid Beverages and Dairy Culinary Plant Through the Reduction of Batching
Process Cycle Time in Nestle Philippines, Inc., Cabuyao Factory
Adviser: MAB Yap

184. Revilleza, Ronnel Victor L.
Workload and Machine Utilization Improvement at the Final Test Division on Semiconductor Philippines, Incorporated (OSPI)
Carmona, Cavite
Adviser: LA Mariano

185. Santos, Francis Rey N.
Reduction of Damaged Goods Through the Improvement of Material Handling System and Facility Layout at WellMade
Manufacturing Corporation - Pampanga Distribution Hub
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

186. Tayag, Marianne Camille C.
Minimization of Unproductive Time at the Canning Line of Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc., Sta. Rosa Plant 2
Adviser: MAB Yap

187. Templanza, Patricia Ann E.
Elimination of Incidental Cost for Container Vans of the Inbound Operations at Nestle Philippines, Inc., Cabuyao Factory
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

188. Vosotros, Kevin U.
Capacity Improvement of the Half-Height Model Assembly Lines at Samsung Electronics Philippines Manufacturing Corporation,
Batino, Calamba City
Adviser: KB Lee 

189. Alibudbud, Nean Lloyd B.
Reduction of Work Related Overtime Among Trades Persons in the Nestle Nutrition Plant at Nestle Philippines, Inc., Cabuyao,
Adviser: DMR De Silva

190. Andes, Ruth Kay P.
Efficiency Improvement in the Final Assembly of PL72 and PAG Models Through Increasing the Actual Output of Final Assembly
at Continental Temic Electronics Philippines, Inc., Calamba Plant
Adviser: KB Lee

191. Argana, Sammyr A.
Productivity Improvement Through Line Balancing of the Powercap Production at Maxim Philippine Operating Corporation, Sto.
Tomas, Batangas, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

192. Baon, Ernest John A.
Productivity Improvement and Manpower Reduction Through Process and Workstation Redesign in the Shipping Department of
Maxim Philippine Operating Corporation, Gen. Trias, Cavite, Philippines
Adviser: CM Pesigan

193. Cabuyadao, Aico Angelic B.
Scrap Reduction of the Flat Wafer Line of the Universal Robina Corporation Bagong Ilog-Wafer Plant, Pasig City, Philippines
Adviser: CM Pesigan

194. Casubha, Rafael Andrew A.
Reduction of Expired Indirect Material Inventory Cost at the Excelitas Technologies Warehouse in Cabuyao, Laguna,
Philippines Through the Implementation of Fixed Order Quantity Model and Change of Suppliers
Adviser: DMR De Silva

195. Cunahap, Gwendolyne F.
Reduction of Bad Order Products Due to Defects of the Returned Finished Goods in the Repacking Area of the Coca-Cola
Bottlers Philippines, Inc. Plant, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: MAM Baldoz

196. De Castro, Winnie Rose M.
Reduction of the Occurrence of Defects in the Manufacturing Section of ARKRAY Industry, Incorporated,FPIP, Brgy. Sta.
Anastacia, Sto. Tomas, Batangas, Philippines
Adviser: MAM Baldoz

197. De Mesa, Romayne Angeli DS.
Efficiency Improvement of ESQ 370 ML Line Through Reduction of Unscheduled Downtime in the Liquid Milk Plant of Alaska Milk
Corporation in San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: MA Ramirez

198. Dela Cruz, Karen U.
Scrap and Reject Cost Reduction in the Simon Vicars Line at Universal Robina Corporation, Bagong Ilog Biscuit Plant in
Pasig City, Philippines
Adviser: MAM Baldoz

199. Dones, Anna Faye D.
Profit Optimization Through the Reduction of Variable Cost for Chartering of Vessels for Ocean Tankers Corporation,
Mandaluyong City
Adviser: LA Mariano

200. Etreros, Julie Fe L.
Improving Production Efficiency Through Reducing Machine Downtime of Press Stamping 1 at Building 2 of Ito-Seisakusho
Philippines Corporation, Carmelray II, Punta, Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

201. Guingab, Keizy G.
Efficiency Improvement of the Production System of Procraft International Inc., Calauan, Laguna, Philippines Through
Process Simplification
Adviser: LA Mariano

202. Laguerta, Marlon N.
Reduction of Defects in the Winding Section of the 30PC Production Line in Indo Phil Textile Mills, Inc., Marilao, Bulacan
Adviser: LA Mariano

203. Lara, Matthew R.
Improving Return on Capital Invested by Establishing an Inventory Management System and Removing Unnecessary Investments on
Tires at E.L. Choa Auto Supply in Diversion Road, Tuguegarao City
Adviser: CM Pesigan

204. Larin, Mylene S.
Reduction of WIP Inventory and Improvement on the Inspection Runs by Enhancing Capacity on the Quality Assurance Laboratory
of Engtek Precision Philippines, Inc., Canlubang, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

205. Lorenzo, Cale Ira Y.
Facility Planning for the New Asurion Business Unit of the EMS Components Assembly, Inc. in Laguna Technopark Inc., Biñan,
Adviser: DMR De Silva

206. Macalinao, Eliza C.
Increasing Monthly Average Inventory Turnover Ratio Using Exponential Smoothing and Fixed Period Model at Equilibrium
Intertrade Corporation, Tunasan, Muntinlupa City, Philippines
Adviser: LA Mariano

207. Mallari, Anne Janelle J.
Efficiency Improvement of the Meat Processing Line in Zenith Foods Corporation at Integrity Avenue, Carmelray Industrial
Park I, Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: MAM Baldoz

208. Malubag, Abigail B.
Increasing Contractual Manpower Productivity in the Blending Area of the White Coffee Production in the Cereal Plant of
Universal Robina Corporation in Bagong Ilog, Pasig City, Philippines
Adviser: CM Pesigan

209. Manabat, Francis Vincent E.
Cost Reduction by Decreasing the Amount of Raw Materials Used on the Production of the 28g Preform at the PET and CAPS
Plant of San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation in Canlubang, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

210. Mercado, Alan Marco S.
The Establishment of Time Standards for the Processes of Tertiary Education New Titles and Law Education Revisions Through
the Application of Stopwatch Time Study, Work Sampling, Exploratory Data Analysis, Power Transformation, and Regression
Analysis of DIE Publishing Incorporated,Metro Manila, Philippines
Adviser: MA Ramirez

211. Mercado, Mark Kevin R.
Reduction of Process Rejections on the Punching Process at INOAC Philippines Corporation, Brgy. Pittland, Cabuyao, Laguna,
Adviser: MA Ramirez

212. Montefalcon, Paul Czerwyn S.
Minimization of Defects of Fiberglass-Based Production of S and L Enterprises Co. at Balintawak, Quezon City
Adviser: DMR De Silva

213. Orleans, Timothy John C.
Capacity Improvement of the Captive Line at Automated Technology (Phil.) Inc., Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: DMR De Silva

214. Pasculado, Mary Jay A.
Establishing Time Standards for the Editorial Services of the New Title Basic Education Manuscripts Through the Application
of Stopwatch Time Study, Work Sampling, Statistical Methods, Exploratory Data Analysis, Power Transformation and Inference
Technique in YMA Publishing, Quezon City, Philippines
Adviser: MA Ramirez

215. Reña, Mark John C.
Reduction of the Occurrences of Prolonged Issuance of Sales Order Numbers Through Information Systems Improvement at
Lafarge Cement Services Philippines, Inc., Makati City
Adviser: DMR De Silva

216. Reyes, Catherine Fay G.
Reduction of Operations Performance Losses (OPL) in Production Line 1 of Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc., Santa Rosa
Plant 1
Adviser: MAM Baldoz

217. Reyes, Samira Sandra L.
Minimizing the Unmet Demand in the Converting Division of Asia Paper Industrial Corporation, Trece Martires City, Cavite,
Adviser: CM Pesigan

218. Ricio, Ser Carlo DL.
Improvement of Sales Orders Processing Capacity Through Reduction of Non-Value Adding Activities in the Finished Goods
Warehouse of Mariwasa Siam Ceramics Inc. in Sto. Tomas, Batangas
Adviser: KB Lee

219. Rosales, Crisniel Dennis M.
Reduction of Tetra Paper Loss Due to Operational Stoppages of Filling Machine Four in the Liquid Beverages and Dairy
Culinary Plant, Nestle Philippines, Inc. Factory in Cabuyao, Laguna
Adviser: KB Lee

220. Sahagun, Maureen B.
Evaluation and Improvement of the Inventory Control Operation of the Project Materials at the Philippine Long Distance
Telephone Company (PLDT)
Adviser: KB Lee

221. Santos, Ralph DR.
Improving Labor-Hour Efficiency for 3M Foam Slab Production in the Industrial, Circular Line of the Cutting Department in
Multiflex RNC Philippines, Inc., Alabang, Muntinlupa, Philippines
Adviser: LA Mariano

222. Sim, Joseph Raymond A.
Reject Reduction of TNM-201215K Iron Core at Yoshita Corporation, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

223. So, Gianina Marielle B.
Productivity Improvement of the Bottling Section of Lorenzana Foods Corporation at MMG II Industrial Compound, Magsaysay
Road, Brgy. San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: MAM Baldoz

224. Tena, Mara Alyssa G.
Backlog Reduction Through Short-Term Capacity Planning of the Basic Education Projects of RMA Company, Metro Manila,
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

225. Torres, Dana Kris P.
Establishment of Time Standards for the Reprints Processes Through the Application of Stopwatch Time Study, Work Sampling,
Data Analysis, Power Transformation and Regression Analysis of LHD Publishing, Metro Manila, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

226. Trinidad, Joanna Marie L.
Reduction of Warranty Claims Due to Windshield Water Leak through Process Improvement on the Assembly 1-Final Line of
Innova and Vios at Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Adviser: MAM Baldoz

227. Vedasto, Kenny Ryan DP.
Capacity Improvement of the Departure Area of the Kalibo International Airport, Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

228. Bonavente, Marielle P.
Increasing Manpower Productivity Through Downtime Reduction at the Weaving Department of Pacific Carpet Manufacturing
Corporation Plant in Clarkfield, Pampanga, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

229. Borile, Ma. Tricia S.
Streamlining and Improvement of the University of the Philippines Los Banos Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and
Extension (UPLB-OVCRE) Project Related Processes Through Value Analysis
Adviser: CM Pesigan

230. Bukid, Marinel O.
Increasing Machine Group Efficiencies Through Workload Analyses and Machine Reduction at Wafersort Division in Maxim
Philippine Operating Corporation, Cavite, Philippines
Adviser: JAD Revilla

231. Cuevas, Aira Giselle N.
Reduction of Rejects on PAC Trays of Primepack Technologies Inc in LISP 2, Brgy. Lamesa, Real, Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: CM Pesigan

232. De Guzman, Aries L.
Development of a Cost Effective Annual Work Schedule for the XYZ Publishing, Metro Manila, Philippines, Through Efficient
Allocation of Resources Using Level, Chase and Mix Planning Strategies
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

233. Endaya, Reah Concepcion T.
Improvement of Indirect Materials Purchasing Through Reduction of Non-Value Adding Activities in Baxter Healthcare
Philippines, Inc.
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

234. Fraginal, Christian Jorge C.
Efficiency Improvement Through Reduction of Unplanned Downtimes of Aphilippine Batteries Inc, Sta Maria, Bulacan,
Adviser: MA Ramirez

235. Geron, John Gareth C.
Improving the Efficiency of the Bagging Area of Mill 4 "Triumph" of Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative (SIDC) Feed
Mills, Batangas City, Philippines
Adviser: MAM Baldoz

236. Lagunda, Ken Reneus S.
Efficiency Improvement of the Packaging Operation of Contour DeLuxe Nasal Masks Through Reduction of Idle Times in RCM
Manufacturing, Inc., Canlubang, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: DMR De Silva

237. Mendoza, Kier Zoren U.
Efficiency Improvement of the Inventory System Through Floor Layour Optimization and Web-Based Inventory System Development
of Supply and Property Management Office of the University of the Philippines, Los Banos
Adviser: CM Pesigan

238. Montecillo, Ma. Nissa R.
Reduction of dent defect occurrence on the steamer bar cabinet through operations and layout improvement at the crate and
barrel line of designs ligna, inc.
Adviser: KB Lee

239. Nicanor, Daniel Marco G.
Reduction of Non-Performing and Deficient Loan Accounts Through Risk Assessment and Improved Information System and Proper
Management Practices in a Rural Bank, Lipa City, Batangas
Adviser: JAD Revilla

240. Pasco, Mikko C.
Line Efficiency Improvement Through Reduction of Unwanted Downtimes in the Sting Production in Line 5, Manufacturing II
Department, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc.
Adviser: MAM Baldoz

241. Pineda, Margaux
Optimizing Manpower Complement for Manila Sector Operation Using Queuing Theory at Manila Electric Company (MERALCO),
Mandaluyong City, Philippines
Adviser: KB Lee

242. Ricalde, Jose Bonifacio S.
Improvement of Road Survey Process Through Route Optimization of Geospatial Solutions Inc, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila,
Adviser: CM Pesigan

243. Suliguin, Jestine C.
Reduction of Delay in the Constrution of Tiarra-Enhanced House Units Through Material Requirements Planning at Rancho
Imperial de Silang, Silang, Cavite, Philippines
Adviser: JAD Revilla

244. Taay, Cielo May S.
Reduction of Unfulfilled Orders Through Improvement of the Efficiency of the Operations of D Product Line at Plant 6A of
ZMT, Inc., LISP I, Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: KB Lee

245. Villanueva, Nelgee I.
Baseline Establishment of Procurement Process Lead Times and Recommendatory Improvements Through Exploratory Data Analysis
and Value Analysis at UPLB, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

246. Alvarez, Aira M.
Reduction of Defects in the Trim and Form Section at The End of the Line Process if ON Semiconductor Philippines Inc.,
Carmona, Cavite, Philippines
Adviser: MA Ramirez

247. Bagay, Christine Ann C.
Minimizing Delivery Backlogs by Improving the Efficiency of the Warehouse Dispatch Process in the Company XYZ, Sta. Rosa,
Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: LA Mariano

248. Bataclan, Mishael Jan DJ.
Systems Evaluation anf Improvement Through Process Streamlining and Faculty Layout Analysis of the UPLB Accounting
Cashier's Office
Adviser: JAD Revilla

249. Buenavides, Leah Mae R.
Increasing the Sell-In Volume of Liquor and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Products of Modern Trade Key Accounts Executive KAG-
GSMI, Cainta, Rizal, Philippines Through Worker Efficiency Improvement
Adviser: DMR De Silva

250. Butalid, Rich S.
Productivity Improvement of Work Center 437 Through Downtime Reduction in the Roll-on Deodorant Packaging Section, ADP
Business Unit of Company XYZ, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

251. Castro, Marygrace Angeline P.
Reduction of Delay in Delivering Rebars Through Warehouse Optimization, Inventory Management and Trucking Method
Improvement at Pag-asa Steel Works Inc., Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Adviser: JAD Revilla

252. Catanghal, Marion Louise M.
Reduction of Bypassed Nuts in the Coconut Water Concentrate Line in the Production Department of Franklin Baker Company of
the Philippines in San Pablo City, Laguna
Adviser: MA Ramirez

253. De Claro, Kristine Irish G.
Reduction of Rejects Through Total Quality Management in the Plastic Production of KJ Springs and Plastics Technology,
Inc.-CPIP-SEZ, Brgy. Batino, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: MA Ramirez

254. De Guzman, Abigail Joy A.
Improvement of the School Facility for Government Recognition Through Layout Planning and Design at Precious Ones
Kinderhome, Taytay, Rizal, Philippines
Adviser: DMR De Silva

255. Del Rosario, Aaron Jude
Efficiency Improvement in the Production Process of TCUT/TCPT 1300 Devices in the Sensor Automotive Line 2 of Vishy
Philippines Inc., Taguig City, Philippines
Adviser: LA Mariano

256. Dela Cruz, Thea Sandra M.
Eficiency Improvement of the Operators of the Dismantling Line Through Floor and Workspace Layout in IRI Phils., Inc., in
Calamba, Laguna
Adviser: MA Ramirez

257. Esmas, Jhon Carlo E.
Improving the Effective Capacity Through Bottleneck, Manpower, and Facility Layout Analysis of the Cashier's Office,
University of the Philippines Los Baños, Laguna
Adviser: JAD Revilla

258. Francisco, Dareydel John L.
Improvement of Inventory Turnover Ratio Through Implementation of Proper Forecasting Method and Inventory Model in the
Bagong Talavera Senior Citizen Funeral Parlor, Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

259. Josol, Patricia Beatriz DC.
Increasing Production Output in the Manufacturing of Series B Products in the Trimming of Edge Band Process Through Line
Balancing at NHJ Furniture Corporation, Carmona, Cavite, Philippines
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

260. Literal, Hannah Priscilla A.
Increasing Warehouse Capacity of Spare Parts Warehouse and Delivery Department Through the Improved Space Utilization of
Kawasaki Motors (Phils.) Corporation in Cupang, Muntinlupa
Adviser: DMR De Silva

261. Marcos, Joana May I.
Eficiency Improvement of Line 2 at the Coca-Cola FEMSA Plant 2, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: CM Pesigan

262. Masong, Dorothy Faith C.
Efficiency, Utilization, and Capacity Improvement Through Value Analysis, Process Streamlining, and Bottleneck Analysis of
the Cashier's Office, University of the Philippines Los Baños
Adviser: JAD Revilla

263. Mendoza, Patricia Isabelle DG.
Capacity Improvement in the Packaging Section of Warehouse Department of Franke Food Service Systems Philippines Inc.,
Carmelray Industrial Park II, Calamba City, Laguna
Adviser: LA Mariano

264. Pedres, Kattlea L.
Reduction of Accured Payables Through Improvement of the Billing Process of Nestle Philippines, Incorporated to the Third
Party Logistic Partners at Rockwell, Makati City
Adviser: DMR De Silva

265. Perez, Princess Nicole P.
Efficiency Improvement in the Washing Process of the Nickel Carbonate and Nickel Oxide Production Line in UMICORE Specialty
Chemicals Subic, Inc., Philippines
Adviser: LA Mariano

266. Resureccion, Sharl Anne Mari R.
Establishment of a Supplier Database and Performance Evaluation System Through Systems Analysis and Design at SPMO, UPLB,
College, Laguna
Adviser: CM Pesigan

267. Rodil, Vennice Marie R.
Efficiency Improvement Through the Reduction of Non-Productive Time of the Operators at the WP Assembly Line of Wacker
Neuson Manila, Inc., Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

268. Rodriguez, Cheverly R.
Streamlining and Improvement of the University of the Philippines Los Banos and Property Management Office (UPLB-SPMO)
Property Management Section Disposal Process Through Needs Identification and Value Analysis
Adviser: CM Pesigan

269. Saballero, Jose Marie T.
Streamlining and Improvement of the University of the Philippines Los Baños Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and
Extension (UPLB-OVCRE) Non-Project Related Processes Through Value Analysis
Adviser: KB Lee

270. Saturno, Arvin B.
Improvement of the Document Processing System of the University of the Philippines Los Baños Accounting Office Through
Value Analysis and Process Streamlining
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

271. Teodoro, Mark Lester G.
Establishment of a Centralized Warehouse for the Construction, Electrical, and Mechanical Supplies Used for Maintenance and
Rehabilitation Projects in UPLB, College, Laguna
Adviser: CM Pesigan

272. Velasco, Madelene V.
Establishment of an Incoming Quality Control for Common-Use Supplies in the SPMO, UPLB, College, Laguna
Adviser: CM Pesigan

273. Aguila, Mari Hazel A.
Reduction of Delayed and Cancelled Orders of Hydrochloric Acid using Multiple-Stage Decision-Making Process at Ly-ra
Chemicals and Trading Company, Incorporated, Metro Manila, Philippines
Adviser: KB Lee

274. Aloner, Mary Grace R.
Space Improvement and Redesign of the Facility Layout of AMTEC Through Systematic Layout Planning
Adviser: JAD Revilla

275. Cabantog, Anna Marie S.
Reduction of Line Stoppages of the F3 Assembly Line at Kawasaki Motors (Phils.) Corporation, Muntinlupa City
Adviser: AC Ani

276. Cayacyac, Charlene Mae M.
Minimization of the Cost Incurred in the Reconciliation of Claims Through Process Improvement in the Medilink Network,
Inc., Makati City, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

277. Cordova, Bryan Matt C.
Application of Activity-Based Costing Method in Improving the Pricing Schedule of Services Provided by Agricultural
Machinery Testing and Evaluation Center, University of the Philippines Los Baños, College, Laguna
Adviser: LA Mariano

278. De Vera, Cheska Mihaela D.
Productivity Improvement of the Twin Tub Washing Machine Assembly Line Through Bottleneck Analysis at Sharp Philippines
Corporation, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
Adviser: SCDR Landicho

279. Dela Cruz, Justin Rhynell B.
Reduction of Delays on Testing Processes Through Implementation of Computer Based Short-Term Manpower Scheduling at AMTEC,
UPLB, Colege, Laguna
Adviser: MA Ramirez

280. Dizon, Ma. Stefannie S.
Reduction of the Delay in the Handover of Exhibition Projects ot Clients through Improving the Inventory and Logistics
Management at Centrex Corporation, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines
Adviser:JAD Revilla

281. Gile, Trista Isobelle E.
Reduction of Customer Returns Through Process Improvement of the Finished Goods Handling and Customer Delivery System of
Petbottle Company, Caloocan City, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

282. Glorioso, Maria Judea DG.
Efficiency Improvement Through Minimization of Non-Productive Time Due to Operational Activities in the Piattos Line of URC
Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: CM Pesigan

283. Macadangdang, Micah Abigael L.
Minimization of RKEM Gate Move Discrepancies of Davao and Cagayan de Oro Ports of MFI Throuigh the Implementation of
Container Timeliness and Standardization of the RKEM Encoding Process at Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

284. Manalang, Jessica Nicole T.
Reduction of Lost Sales Due to Stock Out of Hanes Men's Underwear Through the Use of Exponential Smoothing and Exponential
Smoothing with Trend Adjustments Forecasting Techniques of Hanes Brands Philippines Incorporated in Sucat, Parañaque,
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

285. Oncinian, Dianne Karisse P.
Equipment Requirement Analysis to Improve the Capacity for Testing and Evaluation of Agricultural Machinery of AMTEC at the
University of the Philippines Los Baños, Laguna
Adviser: MA Ramirez

286. Pederoso, Miamin A.
Reduction of Unnecessary Transportation Activities of Material-Handling Operators in the IJP Warehouse Department of EPPI,
Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines
Adviser: AC Ani

287. Poloan, Tristan L.
Reduction of Total Inventory Cost of MRO Inventory Through The Use of Forecasting and the Application of the Economic Order
Quantity Method at the Luzon Satellite Warehouses of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company
Adviser: MIG Isip

288. Reyes, Peach Kristene Janette A.
Establishment of AMTEC Satellite Testing Center in Mindanao, Philippines Through Location Planning Analysis
Adviser: MA Ramirez

289. Reyes, Ryan Christopher R.
Improvement of the Document Management System in AMTEC, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: AC Ani

290. Sas, Dareen Royce S.
Reduction of Overtime Hours Through Time Standards Establishment, Process Improvement, and Manpower Requirements
Determination and Allocation in MPI-IP Warehouse, Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: MA Ramirez

291. Suresca, Kristine R.
Validating and Updating the Standard Processing Time of Documents (Using Stopwatch Time Study) for Setting the Key
Performance Target of Employees at the Accounting Office UPLB, College, Laguna
Adviser: JAD Revilla

292. Tiongson, Melchor Ces C.
Reduction of Overtime in Collections Quality Assurance Section Through Capacity Improvement at Sun Life Financial
Philippines, Taguig City, Metro Manila
Adviser: MIG Isip

293. Vinoya, Marjorie H.
Reduction of Delayed Deliveries at the Rollforming and Distribution Department of Union Galvasteel Corporation, Calamba
City, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: AC Ani

294. Yjares, Maxine Valerie S.
Cost Reduction Through Standardization of Work Procedures Using Methods Engineering at the Steel Pallets Repair Section of
the Warehouse and Distribution Sub-group of AGC Flat Glass Phils., Inc., Pasig City, Philippines
Adviser: KB Lee