Complete List of Thesis



1. Haerold Dean. Z. Layaoen
Economic Analysi of the Large Generator Systems of the Philippine Rice Research Institute
Adviser: DT Franco

2. Martha Katalina B. Golla
The Development of an XML Standard for Pareto Chart and Fishbone (Cause-and-Effect) Diagram
Adviser: AC Halos

3. Ronald S. Borile
The Development of an Extensible Markup Language Standard for Control Chart
Adviser: AC Halos

4. Raymond A. Zaño
Development of Mathematical Model for Coco-Methyl Ester as a Biodiesel in Luzon – A Supply Chain Perspective
Adviser: MID Reyes

5. Andre Jan L. Cardeño
Instrumentation for Digital Logging of Musculoskeletal Loading on Usage of Locally Made Hand Tractors
Adviser: AA Delos Reyes, Jr.

6. Gil Michael S. Villancio
Standard Time of Main Operations in the Production of Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) for Biodiesel Feedstock in Flat Terrain
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

7. Rose Anne DR. Valencia
Standardization of Government Procurement Planning Using Systems Analysis and Design
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

8. Romelyn Mae R. Palomar
Optimizing the combination of commercially available handle grips and engine mounts to reduce the hand-arm vibration transmitted to hand tractor operators
Adviser: MAB Yap

9. Aidrean P. Opaco
Evaluating Effectiveness of Substitute Vibration Dampeners in Reducing Transmitted Hand-Arm Vibration to Diesel-Engine Hand Tractor Operator
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

10. Stephanie Caridad DR. Landicho
Establishing Optimal Layout of LED Standard Bulbs to Achieve Ergonomic Lighting in Classrooms and Offices
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

11. Roxanne B. Calibo
Establishment of a model to show the effects of consumers' characteristic and perceived quality on the market value of table rice in the calabarzon region, Philippines
Adviser: DMR De Silva

12. Michael John S. Ramos
Baseline Measurement and Analysis of Hand-Arm Transmitted Vibration of UPLB Modified Hand Tractor at University of the Philippines Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

13. Limuel S. Banaag
Modeling the Output of Rice Farmers in Region IV-A (CALABARZON) Using Multiple Linear Regression
Adviser: DMR De Silva

14. Jomiline Bernadeth C. Alamo
Determination of Optimum Combination of Factors to Minimize Anti-Nutritional Activitiy in Soybeans using a Small-Scale Batch-Type Soybean Roaster Designed and Fabricated at UPLB, College, Laguna
Adviser: LA Mariano

15. Aaron James C. Amboy
Determination of Best Combination of Commercially-Available Paints and Floor Tiles for the World Class Setting of Classrooms and Offices in UPLB, College, Laguna based on IESNA/DOE Reflectance Standards
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

16. Maebelle G. Aralar
Design Evaluation of Classroom Armchairs Based on the Anthropometric Measurements of Public Elementary School Students Aged 10-12 in Rizal, Philippines
Adviser: LA Mariano

17. Leianne Y. Casupang
Determination of Variables that Affect the Remission Rate of Sewing Operations in the Manufacturing Industry
Adviser: JAD Revilla

18. Dan Michalle F. Dameg
Analysis of Alternative Traffic Configurations Between Silangan Road and Pili Drive through the Reconstruction of the CEAT Bridge at the University of the Philippines Los Banos, Laguna
Adviser: JAD Revilla

19. Anjelou M. Ibañes
Development of a Program for the Determination of the Best Lighting Alternative for the World Class Setting of UPLB Classrooms and Offices Based on IESNA Standards and Lowest Equivalent Annual Cost
Adviser: MAB Yap

20. Jessa Marie M. Mojica
Design and Fabrication of an Ergonomic Handlebar Structure of a Hand Tractor to Reduce the Vibration Transmitted to the Operator
Adviser: MAB Yap

21. Jeezle Irish M. Royo
Evaluation of the Different Lighting Alternatives for the World Class Setting of UPLB Small Classrooms and Offices
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

22.Jim Paul O. Somogod
Determining the Effects of Stand-up Desks in Students' Productivity in Class
Adviser: MIG Isip

23. Jan Karl P. Binarao
Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of Commercially Available Vibration Dampeners in Reducing Transmitted Hand-Arm Vibrations to Operator of a Diesel and Gasoline-Powered Hand Tractor
Adviser: HDZ Layaoen

24. Frederick Moses M. Blanco
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Substitute Vibration Dampeners in Reducing Transmitted Hand-Arm Vibratioins to an Operator of a Gasoline-Fueled Hand Tractor in Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines
Adviser: MAB Yap

25. Ranz C. Ramos
Design Evaluation of Road Bike Brakes and Gear Levels Based on the Anthropometric Measurements of Female Students from Selected Colleges in NCR and Calabarzon, Philippines
Adviser: AC Ani

26. Joyce Ingrid S. Dilag
Baseline Measurement and Analysis of Whole Body Transmitted Vibration of Tajima 3-in-1 Knapsack-Type Sprayer Sower 3 WF-GX35
Adviser: MAB Yap

27. Allen Lemuel G. Lemence
A Strategic Framework for Globally-Competitive State Universities and Colleges: A Case Study Approach in the University of the Philipines Los Baños
Adviser: MA Ramirez

28. Luzette Ann V. Matanguihan
Determination of Factors Afecting the Learning Rate of Workers in the Food Processing Industry
Adviser: JAD Revilla